Friday, July 5, 2019

Friday Fotos: Overexposed and blurry

Whoops! I simply picked up my camera and started shooting. After 20 shots or so I decided to take a look at what I've been getting. The shots were all badly overexposed and blurred. How'd that happen? Simple. The last time I'd used the camera I was taking night shots where I used a manual exposure so I could get a lot of light and shake the camera in the process. [Shaky-cam!] So that's how the camera was set up when I decided to shoot flowers during the day.

So, do I declare the shorts wasted, or see what I can do? What do you think?

What I like about that first photo is that you almost can't tell what it is. Between the blur and the overexposure it's become almost pure abstract pattern. As for the rest, obviously flowers.

Oh, but I do love this side-on view. Why? It gathers the others into itself? It supports them.

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