Saturday, July 13, 2019

Post 6000 here on New Savanna – My oh my, how time flies!

My first post at New Savanna went up on April 14, 2010. It consisted of a single Mimi & Eunice strip by Nina Paley and was called Pay Up. If you follow the link you’ll find the strip isn’t there; broken link. But I’m pretty sure this is the one:

It looks like I did 188 posts with Mimi & Eunice, mostly up through 2012, which seems to be when Paley stopped doing them. However, I’ve just discovered that she did a series of The Jenndra Identitty Comics in late 2018 which will not please the woke among us. Looks like I’ll have some more Nina Paley to post.

Here’s a tweet, some concept art for Hayao Miyazaki’s Totoro, one of my favorite films by one of my favorite film-maker. I’ve posted quite a bit about him – including extensive analysis of his most recent feature, The Wind Rises.

I’ve been posting tweets since September of 2018.

And here’s a post I did to mark post number 2500: 2500 Posts: What Have I Been Doing at New Savanna?. That went up on July 14, 2014 and included five photos and one diagram. It also included some accounting of what I’d been up to most recently.

I’m pretty sure that, back then I’d intended to do another such post to mark #5000. But that came and went and I didn’t even notice it. It was fortuitous that I picked up on #6000. Will I catch #10,000? Will I even be posting then?

Who knows?

But 6000 posts! Can you believe it? There are 1969 photo posts – I know this because they’re all tagged with “photo” and the analytics gives me a count of how many posts are on a tag. Almost all of the photos are mine, though a very few are in tweets. These posts all have one or more photos in them, some perhaps as many as a dozen or more. Most of them are without commentary. But a few have light commentary, and fewer still have extensive commentary.

I try to vary my choice of photos from day to day. Sometimes the photo or photos for a given day will be in counter point with other posts on that day.

Roughly speaking, the other 4000 posts or so are divided between long-form posts in which I think about various subjects – literature and literary criticism, music, cultural evolution, computers and computing, psychology of various kinds, some autobiographical pieces, and so forth – and posts linking to articles by others. There’s no easy way for me to count the long-form posts. I’d guess there are less than a 1000 of them. Less than 500 or more? Can’t say. But this is where I do much of my thinking, out loud and in public. Some of them are more polished than others, and I use various writing styles as the topic warrants.

The other 3000 to 3500 (or more) posts feature material by others, generally with quotations, often extensive, from the sources. If I’m linking to an academic article I’ll include the abstract and sometimes material from the body of the article. Depending on this or that, I may comment on the linked material, sometimes just a sentence or two, but sometimes at greater length. Let’s say that half of these posts (but I don’t really know the percentage) are on topics I’m actively thinking a posting about and so constitute research. The other half is just things I’m interested in, often current events.

More later.

* * * * *

One other thing. I don't know what I've got here. Sure, I know roughly what I've got, and I've got that ridiculous tag cloud over there to the right. But when I go roaming through the archives I find things I've forgotten about.


It's like that, no?

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