Friday, October 18, 2019

BAPC camping trip 5: After much trial and tribulation the Feather of Destiny is Found [you knew it would be]

So there we were, we’d searched and searched for the Feather of Destiny and still it was not found. And then the Pentagonian Battle Cruiser appeared. What to do?

We redoubled our search. Greg and Rahid got in the canoe and began exploring the coastal waters while Eke manned the nebula class kayak and started scanning the bottom for anomalies in the Force. Yes, the Force, that Force, it’s everywhere, you know. And we entered a galaxy long ago and far away when we went through the portal in the Arches, and that’s where the Force is strongest, long ago and far away.

I started look wherever I hadn’t looked already. I looked in the embers of last night’s camp fire, in a knot hole in an old log, under a weird rock, even in a bramble patch. Ouch!

This one looks better if you enlarge it by clicking on it – well they all do, but this one especially.

No luck. Maybe tucked away amid the moss, rocks, and driftwood? No luck there.

Not even hidden way up in the trees.

Then Gunnar spotted something out on the water:

Oh no!, cried Adam.

Oh no!, cried Greg, Rahid, Eke, and I.

Yikes!, said we all.

There it was, the Pentagonian Battle Cruiser!

And it was headed for....

The Swan of Sorrow and Solace! – came a voice from out of the cosmos. And no doubt the Swan of Sorrow and Solace was the source of the Feather of Destiny. Adam got into the kayak to match might with the Pentagonian Battle Cruiser.

Did he have a chance? Would he make it in time? We’ll never know. All of a sudden the Swan of Sorrow and Solace rose straight up in the air, uttered the magical phase, “It’s time to blow this two-bit popsicle stand”, and flew off into the cosmos. Adam wacked the Battle Cruiser, which retreated, and then returned to shore.

We were safe, at least temporarily. The Pengatonians wouldn’t be sinking any cheese wells anytime soon. But they could return at any time. And we still hadn’t found ...

All together now...

                                    The Feather of Destiny!

That’s right, the Feather of Destiny. What to do?

Just then Gunnar and Lou, Gunnar's pal from the 73rd dimension, spotted something on the rocks:

And there it was, the Feather of Destiny:

Eke: The Feather of Destiny!

Greg: The Feather of Destiny!

All of us: The Feather of Destiny! The Feather of Destiny! The Feather of Destiny! The Feather of Destiny!

Adam: Hey, guys. What are we supposed to do with this Feather of Destiny?

Rahid: Do with it, why...

Greg: Yeah, where’s the user’s manual?

Bill (that’s me): We’ve got the Feather of Destiny and you guys are looking for a user’s manual! Sheesh!

But, you know, they had a point. If you don’t know how to use the Feather, what good is it? Sure, it looks good on the mantel above the fireplace. But other than that...?

As for those Pentagonistic Cheeseheads, they’ll always be around, cooking up trouble.


P.S. Here’s the feather without all the Photoshop jazz:

* * * * *

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