Tuesday, October 15, 2019

It’s BAPC week at New Savanna! Exclusive photos of the seKrET camping trip to another galaxy long ago and far away

I’ve already shown you photos of the campfire. Now let’s go back to the beginning.

What very few people know is that there is a secret portal deep in the Bergen Arches. The BAPC (Bergen Arches Preservation Coalition) discovered it late last year. The board was in a quandary: What to do? Should we go through it? Report it? Keep it super-secret? And then, one weekend in December after binge-watching Stargate Allofthem the board reached an executive decision: We’re going through!

That’s what we did this last weekend. Here’s the inter-dimensional transport marker identifying the our point of embarkation. It appeared immediately after we’d gone through the portal:

And here’s the transport vessel coming to pick us up:

That’s our Communications Officer, Eka, in the forward lookout module while our Operations Officer, Rahid, is in front of him in the navigation control center.

This is where we’re headed:

Our Chief Strategist, Adam, had gone ahead to set up camp. You can see the phased energy release capsules in Adam's nebula class kayak.

Here’s our Defense Minister, Gunnar, greeting us as we arrive.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that’s a dog. No, Gunnar only looks like a dog. He’s from another dimension, the 73rd I believe, and has a native appearance that would zoom right by us. So, as a courtesy, he has assumed the appearance of humankind’s best friend. 

That’s our base camp up on the plateau. Notice the mystic symbols on the placard. Of course we've sent them off to our cryptography and exolinguistics people. So far the universal translator has come up with zero, nada, zilch.

That’s Captain Greg surveying the installation, contemplating our next move, and the one after that, and yet another one. Heavy is the burden that rests on the shoulders of command – something like that.

Here’s Adam, Eke, and Rahid exploring the beachhead, testing the drift of the gravity waves:

And now the good stuff. Our science team has identified this as a super-advanced space craft with transwarp capabilities.

Some strange alien beast left these marks in the mud. Is it a frumious banderstatch, or a snark, perhaps? Our bio team is on it.

What are these, the abandoned carapaces of mystic beings from the 9th realm?

Stay tuned.

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