Sunday, February 25, 2024

9,981 and counting. How long before New Savanna has 10,000 posts?

I have published 9,981 posts at New Savanna since it first went live in April of 2010.

Some of those are long-form articles I have written, 1000 to three or four thousand words or more. Many are shorter, 100 to 1000 words. Many are excerpts from articles published elsewhere. Some are little more than a link or three.

Then we have articles that contain tweets. I've recently added one or two Instagram posts.

Some articles contain one or more videos, of various types, music and podcasts are the most frequent kinds. 

Finally, the photographs of various subjects: graffiti, Hoboken, Jersey City, Manhattan, the Hudson River, food, flowers, trees, grass, and so forth.

How long will it take me to post ten thousand more?

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