Thursday, February 29, 2024

More fun with a hydraulic press that can generate 300 tons of pressure – crushing nuts into nut cake

Can you press steel screws or bolts and nuts back to solid piece of metal using our new 300 ton hydraulic press? We will find that out  on this experiment!

What I find fascinating is how much time and effort our host – I don't know his name – devotes to creating the tooling to make these little experiments work. He's having fun with this! And why not? They've over 9 million subscribers, so they've got money coming from this operation. Is there enough money to cover the cost of the new press, along with the housing and tooling they've constructed for it? I'd be surprised if it was, though the surprise is a pleasant one.
This shop is a commercial enterprise of some kind, obviously some kind involving custom work using machine tooling, and I would imagine the new press can be used in that business as well. After all, that's what the old press was doing before it was put to use making nonsense videos. Who knew or expected that those videos would become so popular?

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