Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Fastest Way to AGI: LLMs + Tree Search [Neuro-symbolic]

Demis Hassabis (Google DeepMind CEO)

About 0:23:

....we've got to carry on
um basically making the more and more
accurate predictors of the world so in
effect making them more more reliable
World models that's clearly a necessary
but I would say probably not sufficient
component of an AGI system um and then
on top of that I would you know we're
working on things like Alpha zero like
planning mechanisms on top that make use
of that model in order to make concrete
plans to achieve certain goals in the
world um and and perhaps sort of chain
you know chain thought together or lines
of reasoning together and maybe use
search to kind of explore massive spaces
of possibility I think that's kind of
missing from our current large models...

About 2:15

my betting would be is that um you know
the final AGI system will have these
large multimodels um models as part of
the the overall solution but probably U
won't be enough on their own you will
need this additional planning search on

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