Sunday, February 18, 2024

SUPER MARIO THEME, in the Styles of 6 Classical Composers

00:00 Original Theme by Nintendo (Koji Kondo)
00:31 In the style of J.S. Bach
01:00 In the style of Mozart
01:31 In the style of Beethoven
01:55 In the style of Liszt
02:23 In the style of Rachmaninoff
03:05 In the style of Gershwin

*Note: I played slightly different chromatic notes and rhythms than in the original version when I play the main theme.

NB: Pay attention to the on-screen notes, which clue you to affect and musical technique. Most helpful.

Beyond that, I have a thought about what THAT is such an effective way of illustrating stylistic differences. When you hear something by Bach, well, it's by Bach; it just lays there. Same with Mozart and the rest. By when these composers are juxtaposed like this, the differences are apparent, giving you a sense of what style IS that you're not going to get from listening to just one composer at a time.

Similar videos: Autumn Leaves in the Styles of 10 Classical Composers (PART 1), Happy Birthday in the Styles of 10 Classical Composers (COMPILATION), and many others. This is a bit different: Argentine Tango, As Digested by a Classical Musician. There she tells us about the tango, with video clips, tells us how she thinks about it, and ends with a piece she's composed based on what she's learned. She's done the same thing with bebop and the blues.

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