Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The OOO Dilemma

As I see it, and this is at a distance, some philosophers decided they wanted to philosophize without benefit of the divide between humans and the world, without privileging consciousness. But, how do you do THAT? You can’t just philosophize out of thin air.

You need concepts and you needs words in which to dress those concepts.

Since these philosophers grew up in the Continental tradition, that’s where they went for their words and concepts. While there are various sets of words and concepts in that tradition, the ones most readily at hand were developed to deal with consciousness in a world split between humans and everything else. Since that’s what was available, that’s what got used.

The result: a lot of philosophical discourse about a world of nothing but objects couched in words and concepts developed for a world of subjects forever walled off from all the objects, the things OVER THERE.

It’s a little confusing.

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