Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reeds, Focal Plane, Foto

I love shots like this:


The visual material is simple, a bunch of reeds, all running more or less vertically. What I like to do is play around with the focal plane. In the photo above the focal plane is somewhere in among the reeds. Thus the reeds closest to the camera are blurred. The image is sharpest at a place where the photographer isn't. The camera thus projects the viewer into the scene in a way that's otherwise physically impossible.

In this next photo we combine that focal plane effect with a bit of flooding light:


In this one the focal plane is at the front, which is so sparse that most of the image is blurred:


In the next two, the camera is pointing at the same material at more or less same angle, but the focal plane is different:


let's get twiggy.jpg

And this is summer:


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  1. Nice discussion. My favorite is the first photo. I'd be happy to be a tree in the forest lost to being found.