Thursday, August 28, 2014

Students build better apps

From today's NYTimes we learn that "students are showing up the universities that trained them by producing faster, easier-to-navigate, more informative and generally just better versions of the information systems at the heart of undergraduate life." Surprise, surprise! The students grew up with computers while the programmers who built the systems that they're sending to the showers probably didn't encounter computers until their teens or even adulthood.
“Students are always more entrepreneurial and understand needs better than bureaucracies can,” said Harry R. Lewis, the director of undergraduate studies for Harvard’s computer science department, “since bureaucracies tend to have messages they want to spin, and priorities they have to set, and students just want stuff that is useful. I know this well, since students were talking to me about moving the Harvard face books online seven years before Zuckerberg just went and did it without asking permission.”

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