Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sampling the Space

This is a more or less neutral version of what came out of the camera. Since it's one of my shaky-cam photos there's no point in trying to develop the photo so it looks like what I was when I took the picture. What I saw was lights at night. What I did was shake the camera on a long exposure. So this is what the camera saw, more or less:


These other photos sample the space of Photoshop possibilities. Actually, it's a somewhat smaller space than what Photoshop affords, but I don't know how to specify that smaller space except by presenting a sample of the images in it.

20141113-_IGP9565 FHLG

20141113-_IGP9565 FHL VTYDiv HS EQSmth CRV HS EQdodge

20141113-_IGP9565 FHL VTYDiv HS

20141113-_IGP9565 FHLB

20141113-_IGP9565 FHL BW VRT

20141113-_IGP9565 FHL BW

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